The CWDP is a nationally recognized credential for individuals who have demonstrated they have what it takes to provide the highest quality services to our nation’s job seekers and businesses.

*A recent survey found that seventy-nine percent (79%) of those making hiring, promotion, salary, or bonus decisions in WIBs indicated that they place a value on an individual possessing the CWDP credential.

Professional competency courses developed around the National Association for Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) core competency defined areas, updated August 2013. This certification updates and replaces the Core Skills Professional Certification and the National Tier 1 Professional Certification. This certification includes these 9 courses covering the 9 competency areas.

  • Business & Economic Development Intelligence

  • Career Development Principles

  • Collaboration, Problem Solving, and Teamwork

  • Customer Service Methodology

  • Diversity in Workforce Development

  • Labor Market Information and Intelligence

  • Principles of Communication

  • Program Implementation Principles and Strategies

  • Workforce Development Structure, Policies, and Programs

  • EXAM: Foundations of Workforce Development Professional Certification

Each course: $60.00, the exam $100.00

TOTAL: $640.00 person

Volume discounts are available

Package: $375.00 /person

NAWB Members, for purchase please contact us with NAWB offer in the subject line of your email and one of our extreme customer service representatives will contact you.

On April 1, 2014, NAWDP grants partial reciprocity for individuals who have successfully completed Dynamic Work’s

Foundations of Workforce Development Professional Certification

How the Reciprocity Agreement Works:

  • Streamlined process: Upon completion of the approved programs listed below, simply print your transcript or copy your certificate and attach it to the NAWDP application form in lieu of completing the section “Workforce Development Professional Competency Rating” form.
  • Complete the NAWDP application: Complete the rest of the NAWDP application, including the NAWDP requirements of work experience, membership in a workforce development related association, submission of two references, and agreement to adhere to the “Code of Professional Ethics and Practices” statement.
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Which Courses Apply?

Foundations of Workforce Development Professional Certification

Contact DW at or contact NAWDP at should you have any questions regarding this reciprocity agreement.