Highlight Your Story and Expand Your Reach to Customers

  • Increase community knowledge of your resources
  • Expand customer participation
  • Visually highlight your locations, contact data, services and resources
  • Better prepare customers for your services
  • Collect contact data for follow-up
  • Save valuable staff time



Job Seeker Tour of ServicesThis low-cost internet based interactive orientation provides your customers, both on and off-site, an engaging overview of your services.

  • No waiting for an orientation course or available career coach – take the tour anytime
  • A consistent message provided to all job seekers
  • Online automation – reduces staff time, facility space, and equipment resources
  • Engaging multimedia tools quickly and efficiently increase your customer’s knowledge of your available resources

Employer Tour of ServicesThe constant barrage of today’s messages make it difficult to get your story noticed. Break through the clutter and showcase your services and products in an efficient and entertaining manner. In a matter of minutes, your customer will be able to understand exactly what you provide.

  • Showcase your organization to employers
  • Testimonials from local businesses highlight your services
  • Short and engaging approach to quickly capture the attention of busy business owners
  • Distribute on CD, via email, or use in presentations by your business services team

View a multimedia overview of our Tour of Service product here.

All Inclusive Pricing

  • Includes on-site video and photography sessions at your location(s)
  • Templates make it easy to fine tune your message
  • Professional production into FLASH based multimedia product ready to host on your website or ours
  • Easily updated when changes occur

For more information contact us at 262-544-4971 or info@dynamicinstitute.com