Can I Have Some Chocolate with My Training?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to offer you some training tips from a chocolate pioneer, Cadbury.

According to the Cadbury web site, Cadbury Schweppes were forerunners in employee relations. Closing the skills gap was key for Cadbury as they allowed workers time off to further their education.  Valentines day vintage lettering backgroundThey also knew how important it was for employees to have a work/life balance as recreation centers were implemented in the workplace and company excursions were arranged.

The practices of the Cadbury Brothers a century ago are still successful strategies today, with employees serving on councils where aspects of company culture, education, and training were discussed.

How We Can Address the Skills Gap?

The latest on the infamous skills gap and some commentary regarding how it can be addressed comes to us from the following articles:

Confronting the Skills Gap – Are Higher Education Graduates Career Ready?

Closing Skills Gap Important for 2018 and Beyond

Dynamic Works can help close this gap with our Industry Scholars courseware that highlights high-demand industries in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries and offers practical solutions to gain experience and become trained in these occupations.Industry Scholars

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Building an Effective Career Plan through Assessment

blogttWhat is one of the first steps in effective career planning? Assessment! The purpose of assessment is to gather data to help you and your students or customers make decisions about appropriate career and employment goals to develop effective action steps and strategies for reaching those goals. Meaningful action steps and strategies cannot occur without effective assessment tools and practices.

Click here to see a simple online overview of assessments!

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LaSonya Bishop“Dynamic Works Institute offers a user friendly online training platform for learners at all levels.  The seamless enrollment process allows learners to immediately access their courseware. The training is relevant and accessible and reporting options for Managers allows for timely retrieval of learner progress. The customer service from Dynamic Works’ staff is phenomenal, readily available, and offers support at all levels.” ~LaSonya Bishop, Director of Workforce Programs, Volunteers of America

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Celebrate Career and Technical Education Month in February

Today is the first day of Career and Technical Education Month.CTE_Month_logo

What is Career and Technical Education (CTE) and how can it assist youth and young adults reach their career goals?  The Association for Career and Technical Education provides a fact sheet for how CTE can work in your community!  Click here to read more.

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The Future of Counseling, Mentoring Coaching & Workforce Development is Here

Are you feeling frustrated that your workforce development customers aren’t able to get the same stellar services because they can’t attend in-person coaching sessions on a regular basis? Are your customers having to reschedule and rearrange appointment times to meet their transportation limitations or other mandatory meetings?

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