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The Age of the Virtual Job Fair

Everything looks a bit different now in the workforce world, and the job fair is part of that change.  Virtual job fairs have been coming to prominence for some time, but now more than ever they are the way to connect job seekers to hiring managers.  We don’t expect this to end anytime soon.   That’s why Dynamic Works is your resource for facilitating and supporting your virtual job fair needs.  

What is a Virtual Job Fair?

Virtual job fairs or online job fairs are exactly what they sound like.  A forum for job seekers to connect to multiple employers at a set time in a secure online environment.  This may happen in a webinar or teleconference where multiple prospects can browse among companies, much like a traditional job fair.  It may, however, mean a virtual conference room with break out rooms for small group or private conversations and potential interviews. Think in the style of Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Resumes are loaded online and reviewed electronically.

In addition to the actual bridging of employee and employer a virtual job fair can also provide content for those needing help with resumes, practice interviewing, certification prep, or career coaching. There are as many configurations as there are needs for virtual job fairs.  The one thing they all have in common is the ability to connect people and advance workforce readiness and hiring. 

Why Virtual?

Besides the obvious 2020 reasons of social distancing, virtual job fairs allow a university, association, trade group, employment agencies or special interest organizations (such as veterans) to host multiple hiring managers in the same place for a fraction of the cost of traditional conferences. The attraction of logging on instead of traveling is appealing to many hiring managers as well as to many employment seekers.  And as more and more employers seek remote “at home” staff, a virtual job fair is a natural way to seek them out and get a feel for how they interview and work in a remote setting.

How Does a Virtual Job Fair Benefit Job Seekers?

For many of today’s job seeker a virtual job fair makes the most sense.  Many are digital natives and will shine in an environment where they can show off their skills and have a discussion with recruiters where they are comfortable.  For others the advantage of an online event allows them to get face time with a variety of companies without needing to travel to a site that may not even be near the physical job placement they are seeking. 

By registering for a virtual job fair, the job seeker has time to research the companies presenting there, see what job opportunities are available and tailor their time to talk to those who best match their skill sets and talents.  They are not wandering around a site hoping to having the right conversation.  They know who they want to connect with and the reason why.  In theory job seekers come to the event more prepared than ever and more in line with those who are hiring.

Another great benefit that to the digital job fair is that it allows those who are differently-abled to attend on the same playing field as everyone else.  This is a great alternative for those that have difficulty making it to multiple physical locations to attend different events.  Their job ability is the focus to the recruiter, not their physical ability.

How Does a Virtual Job Fair Benefit Hiring Companies?

We’ve already talked about the cost benefit of not having to travel to a site and set up a booth.  Other advantages are that a company may choose to attend only those job fairs where they are likely to connect with candidates qualified and interested in their industry.  A job fair for the construction industry is only going to attract job seekers interested in what construction companies have to offer.  No wasting time talking to those seeking jobs in unrelated fields.  

A virtual job fair also gives a company the chance to pre-screen resumes of those who have registered.  They can determine ahead of time if there are candidates attending who can add value to their company and seek them out particularly.  

In another scenario a company looking to increase diversity may seek to attend a job fair sponsored by a veteran’s advocacy group or a women’s association of a particular industry.  We already know that a diverse workplace improves creativity, allows for a wider range of skills, deepens employee engagement and can help a company’s reputation as a cultural leader.  Why not use the best means possible to cast a wide net for candidates that will in the end help your company’s bottom line?

In this digital age with people all over the globe working for the same company the opportunity to connect with people outside of your particular geographic location is paramount to finding the best candidates. The virtual job fair offers all that and more.

What can Dynamic Works Do for You?

By now you see the need for and potential benefits of a virtual job fair.  The logistics of hosting one or being a part of one can seem daunting.  The best career fairs are enriched with resources, gamification, communication tools, recruitment technology, employer branding, informative discussions, great question and answer opportunities and of course- top candidates for your vacancies. We can help.  At Dynamic Works we are in the business of providing outstanding virtual learning and that includes facilitating career fairs.

Allowing Dynamic Works to facilitate your job fair allows you and your team to be the face of the event. We take care of the set up, support and real time logistics. You are freed up to interact with the job seekers and employers just as you would in a face-to-face environment, and perhaps even more efficiently.   Dynamic Works can provide a space that is customizable to your individual needs and wants. 

Connect with us TODAY to see how we can help you fill your need for virtual job fair support. Email to set up your free demo!

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Establishing Digital Career Pathways through Micro Learning


A digital career pathway, incorporating micro learning videos, provides users and their coaches a tool that is both user friendly and simple to use. By combining easily accessed tools with easily consumed learning, users are encouraged to progress through their lessons during their spare time or whenever they want to revisit a concept, get motivated, or share their ideas with others. Combining online access with short videos keeps users moving forward at a pace they can control.

Example of current use:

GGThe GoGuide product from Dynamic Works, evolved from a college workshop conducted by Tommy Darwin, Ph.D. to a comprehensive online tool for all career seekers. Envisioned as a tool that could go beyond the classroom, GoGuide still provides high school and college students with solid career pathways, but its real worth has expanded to job-readiness candidates, individuals looking to begin a new career, entrepreneurs looking for product ideas, and experienced workers looking to move out of a job and into a career.

Using short, inspirational and educational micro learning videos, learners discover, then create their own career pathways. Electronic tools include dashboards, checklists, directed activities, like researching people, companies, and products, and an inspiration “wall,” where the user can post images or quotes, are all part of a package aimed at helping users achieve their goals—not someone else’s. Each micro learning activity builds on previous lessons, moving the user forward in short, measured steps. Lessons can be revisited at any time, and provide motivation as well as solid direction. Progress can be tracked by users and their coaches as needed.

All the tools are accessible from mobile and desktop devices, encouraging users to check their progress and keep moving forward toward their chosen career pathway—and making it easy for their coaches to provide valuable feedback and encouragement.

Ideas on “How to” or where to find more information:

Information on micro learning is available at the eLearning Guild, Association for Talent Development, and on many learning and development blogs by doing a search on “micro learning.” Dynamic Works Institute can provide information on GoGuide, their digital career pathway tool.

Prediction on topic and the future:

The support available to users in an online environment, combined with expectations of easily downloaded apps, will only increase the need, and desire for more digital career pathway tools. The value and demand for micro learning, especially videos, is the perfect match for supporting these new tools.

Contact Dynamic Works Institute to learn more.