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Team Accountability—Accept the Responsibility!

Every member in your team has a role to play. If one member does not live up to his or her responsibilities, the entire system suffers in the long run. Accountability means that you understand the role you play and understand its importance in the big picture of the organization. If you do not live up to your responsibilities, ultimately someone else will have to fill them for you.

If you consistently fail to perform, your job may be in jeopardy. Everyone is important in making the entire system work. Likewise, your team must hold one another accountable. Team members need to be willing to confront one another about behaviors and deliverables that do not conform to agreed-upon decisions. If you make a mistake face it. Accept responsibility and move on. The key is to accept responsibility for your mistake and try to avoid having it happen again.

Empower Your Team!

Empowerment is the process of an individual taking action, controlling work, and making decisions in autonomous ways—it comes from you, the individual. Empowerment is not something that is given to you. Individuals can and should look for improvement opportunities. This involves taking initiative.

Together Everyone Achieves More?

We’ve all heard that the acronym for TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves More. What if TEAM stood for not what teams do, but what the characteristics of a good team are? Four characteristics of an effective team are Trust, Empowerment, Accountability, and Motivation. For March, our Training Tip Tuesdays will focus on these four characteristics of a good team.

Let’s begin with Trust. Without trust, you’ll never developed an effective team. Building trust includes clearly defining the responsibilities of every member of the team. How often will you meet? For how long? What are the consequences for non-participation? Next, develop communication guidelines, or ground rules for your meetings. Finally, identify a conflict resolution mechanism.


Time Management Tips

We all are faced with more responsibilities and less time.  Are you utilizing your resources effectively to complete tasks and meet expectations in a timely manner?

If not, try these tips:

Time Management

  1. Leave enough open time on your schedule to address unexpected responsibilities
  2. Create a realistic to-do list that includes both short- and long-term deliverables
  3. Recognize strengths and talents of all team members and if you are in a position to delegate, match tasks and strength accordingly before handing off
  4. Plan, prepare, and take the time to train the team member who will be taking over a new task, so they have the tools and techniques to be successful. Follow-up with them to ensure success.

Can I Have Some Chocolate with My Training?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to offer you some training tips from a chocolate pioneer, Cadbury.

According to the Cadbury web site, Cadbury Schweppes were forerunners in employee relations. Closing the skills gap was key for Cadbury as they allowed workers time off to further their education.  Valentines day vintage lettering backgroundThey also knew how important it was for employees to have a work/life balance as recreation centers were implemented in the workplace and company excursions were arranged.

The practices of the Cadbury Brothers a century ago are still successful strategies today, with employees serving on councils where aspects of company culture, education, and training were discussed.

Building an Effective Career Plan through Assessment

blogttWhat is one of the first steps in effective career planning? Assessment! The purpose of assessment is to gather data to help you and your students or customers make decisions about appropriate career and employment goals to develop effective action steps and strategies for reaching those goals. Meaningful action steps and strategies cannot occur without effective assessment tools and practices.

Click here to see a simple online overview of assessments!

The Future of Counseling, Mentoring Coaching & Workforce Development is Here

Are you feeling frustrated that your workforce development customers aren’t able to get the same stellar services because they can’t attend in-person coaching sessions on a regular basis? Are your customers having to reschedule and rearrange appointment times to meet their transportation limitations or other mandatory meetings?

 We’ve heard the same concerns from professionals like you for years.  Now, we have the answer!Internet interview

 Virtual Success Coaching offers the opportunity to address barriers in a safe and secure setting, even if the coach is miles away!  Check out our white paper here to access these benefits!

Looking for ROI? Compliance Training Could Save Your Company

LawDid you know that in 2016 alone, there were 6,758 charges filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and at least $40.7 million paid out from businesses in monetary benefits? With the recent surge of sexual harassment complaints in the news, is your company at risk?  The EEOC recommends that employers offer training on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Dynamic Works offers baseline compliance training and scenario-training regarding the gray areas of sexual harassment in the workplace.