Entrepreneurship and Career Planning for the Rest of Us!

You might never start a business. BUT, you WILL have to be entrepreneurial as you start and sustain projects or undertakings you care about. Projects at work, job searches or career moves, or things you just care about and want to make happen for yourself, your family or your community.

GoGuide provides an intuitive, easily usable process that includes these critical steps:
  • How to coMe up with a good idea to begin with
  • How to make sure it’s actually useful and doable
  • How to test and refine your idea
  • How to come up with a simple plan for executing
  • How to get others excited and involved

And, each of these steps is explained in a straightforward way by a short, engaging video course. As you follow the steps, GoGuide gathers the information and organizes it into a detailed plan you can follow.  By the end of the process, you will know where you are going and how to get there!

When it comes to making things happen, the truth is that most people don’t fail. Most people don’t even try at all!

What folks have to say about GoGuide:

“GoGuide is often noted by our participants as their favorite part of training. I have watched young people use GoGuide to do everything from developing SMART Goals for completing their education, to creating business plans for non-profits. GoGuide helps our participants find what motivates them, which is an invaluable tool.” – Joy Wilkie, WIOA Youth Team Lead

“GoGuide was fun! I never would’ve understood how to even begin to start working on goals, but it helped me to break it down where I understood it.” D. Lee, GoGuide Participant

“..we asked the students to write down goals they would like to accomplish or have set for themselves and used GoGuide to teach our youth how to create a plan including what steps they need to take to reach their goal. During the class, we focused on short term goals so they could focus on the process of planning, executing and completing goals successfully. GoGuide helped them to organize their steps, learn about  resources available to them in their community, and identify positive people in their lives to create a support system. Their confidence increased as they worked through each step helping to motivate them to complete their goal.” -Teri Ross, Workforce Solutions East Texas


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