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    Diversity for Business 2.14


    We will define diversity and other terms used when discussing diversity, become familiar with the different laws that govern employment, and discuss the important components of cultural competence. Most of us like to believe that we are effective communicators. However, there may be many factors that are present before you even begin to talk. When you add diversity to the mix, be assured that it takes a lot of practice to become an effective communicator.

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    Ethics in Workforce 2.14


    Ethics provide a framework for the choices we make and the behaviors we engage in. Generally, we consider our ethics as guidelines for what`s right and wrong. In the workplace, it is integral to the professional standard of conduct that governs day-to-day business and can become vital to a company`s survival in a time of crisis. The purpose of this course is to raise your awareness of potential ethical issues that take place in the workplace every day.

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    Annual DWFS Workplace Foundations


    Foundations for Customer Service; Foundations for Diversity; Foundations for Ethics; Foundations for Preventing Sexual Harassment.