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    Workplace Foundations Package – Entry Level


    Workplace Foundations-Entry Level (previously Business Essentials – Entry Level)  is employee compliance training for young adult/youth programs and entry level employees. Training includes the topics of Diversity, Ethics and Preventing Sexual Harassment as well as Extreme Customer Service.

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    Ethics in the Workplace 2.16


    Ethics provide a framework for the choices we make and the behaviors we engage in. Generally, we consider our ethics as guidelines for what’s right and wrong. In the workplace, it is integral to the professional standard of conduct that governs day-to-day business and can become vital to a company’s survival in a time of crisis. The purpose of this course is to raise your awareness of potential ethical issues that take place in the workplace every day.

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    Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 2.16


    Dynamic Works Institute presents a course on Preventing Sexual Harassment. For many people, “sexual harassment” is an emotionally charged topic, loaded with confusion and uncertainty. This is unfortunate, because sexual harassment can be readily understood. After completing the material, participants should be able to:
    • Identify behavior that might be considered sexual harassment
    • Explain legal consequences of sexual harassment
    • Describe roles and responsibilities of creating a workplace free of sexual harassment
    • State what actions to take against sexual harassment

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    You, Diversity, and the Workplace


    This course is included in the Youth Compliance package. As you enter your new job, this course will help you to understand working with diverse groups.

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    You, Ethics, and the Workplace


    Honesty. Respect. Professionalism. What qualities make up an ethical employee? Typically ethics are guidelines for what’s right and wrong, guiding people in the right direction. In the workplace, ethics and a strong ethical foundation is an absolute necessity. Unethical behavior should never be tolerated, but especially as an employee, it’s inexcusable to be an unethical worker, regardless of the situation. In this course, you will be able to recognize ethical situations, explore ethical company policies, and test your understanding of potential workplace ethics.

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    You, Sexual Harassment, and the Workplace


    This course in included in the Youth Compliance package. As you enter your new job, this course will help you to identify and how to deal with various issues that may involve sexual harassment.