• Extreme Customer Service


    By definition, “extreme” is to “attain the highest or greatest degree.” For customer service and most aspects of the business world, being extreme, or achieving the highest degree is beneficial for several reasons. In this course, you will learn how to project a positive image and energy, how to be courteous and respectful to all customers, how to go above and beyond, and how to create good relationships with customers as a team player. This course is essential for understanding the customer service world and all current and future customer service employees should know the important qualities of an extreme customer service employee.

  • OMG! I’m a Supervisor Now!


    Have you ever found yourself in supervisory position without any training? Are you ready to take on the responsibility for performance of others? Do some of your supervisors struggle in making the transition to supervisor or communicating firm expectations?

    This 5 part, recorded series, presented by Dynamic Works and NAWDP, can help address the most common challenges for supervisors.

  • The Big Three: Operations, Fiscal and Quality


    With the launch
    of WIOA final regulations and TANF reauthorization on the horizon,
    workforce boards, staff and contractors must think about quality in service
    delivery and workforce programming differently. This series focuses on how quality is
    utmost within the workforce system, different quality systems and how they
    impact workforce and how to remain vigilant with continuous improvement.