• Business Solutions Professional Certification


    Professional development courses created around the National Association for Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) 4 core defined areas of competency for Business and Employer Services.


  • Business Solutions Certification Exam


    This exam is part of the Business Solutions Package. Professional certification exam for Business Solutions in workforce development. Upon successful completion of this exam, the student will receive a certification for Business Solutions.


  • Business Solutions – Talent Pipeline Development


    This is a course in the Business Solutions Package. Help businesses develop their talent pipeline. Learn strategies to identify the training needs of a business, including those for initial positions and those for career ladder opportunities. Understand techniques to use the knowledge of industry sector partnerships and career pathways to manage and develop talent for businesses and potential job seekers. Identifying the skills of the area’s labor pool and interpreting whether the business will be able to find the skilled workers it needs is key in helping businesses develop their talent pipeline.


  • Business Solutions – Linkages and Promotion of the Workforce System


    This is a course in the Business Solutions Package. Understand the importance and appropriate use of knowledge of the language businesses and industries speak, and how to act as a communication link between businesses, their needs and the workforce development system, and its services. Learn techniques to interpret and communicate Return on Investment (ROI) to and for businesses for increased partnership with the
    workforce system. Identify and market workforce solutions from a business



  • Business Solutions – Engagement with Economic Development


    This is a course in the Business Solutions Package. Engage effectively with Economic Development. First, learn the three functions of economic development – retaining businesses, growing businesses, and attracting businesses – and how workforce development can support these functions. Recognize the importance of building the connection between economic and workforce development and how to relate well with businesses using workforce knowledge and expertise to facilitate long-term partnerships. Develop an understanding of economic development’s role in recruiting, retaining, and supporting business growth.


  • Business Solutions – Business Engagement and Interaction


    This is a course in the business solutions package. Businesses are the primary customer of the workforce development system. This course focuses on strategies to build long-term relationships with employers, and maintain contact with them to meet emerging and changing needs. Acquire techniques for presentation or consultation to single businesses or large groups, in order to teach, inform, or persuade. Support businesses with an emphasis on identifying and understanding business current and future workforce needs. Become familiar with new and existing laws (i.e., ADA, EEO, WIOA) important to businesses and connect employers to customized services under those laws.


  • Business and Economic Development Intelligence


    This is a course in the Foundations of Workforce Development Professional Certification Package. Smart business and economic development professionals understand that employers are the key customers of the Workforce Development system. Throughout this course, you will learn how to evaluate an employer’s needs, how to best meet those needs, and the importance of relationship building between the One-Stop Center and employer. You will begin to see the similarities between Workforce Development and Economic Development and additionally begin to understand the importance of your local economic development organization in your economy. Additionally, this course discusses the roles of economic and workforce development in your community, identifying ways to initiate and maintain a partnership between economic and workforce development.

    Keywords: NAWDP, CWDP

  • Alaska Foundations of Workforce Professional Certification


    This is a custom course for the State of Alaska Dept of Labor & Workforce Development.

    Topics include Collaboration, Problem Solving, and Teamwork; Alaska Foundations of Workforce Development Professional Certification Exam; Workforce Development Structure, Policies, and  Programs; Business and Economic Development Intelligence; Customer Service Methodology; Diversity in Workforce Development; Labor Market Information and Intelligence; Principles of Communication; Career Development Principles; Program Implementation Principles and Strategies.

    Keywords: NAWDP, CWDP