Work readiness training courses include “soft skill” topics designed to help advance the skills of career seekers and prepare them for the world of work, while addressing skills and attributes that are broadly in demand by employers.

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    Get Prep’D-Dependability


    Are you prepped for success in your job search and new employment opportunity? The Get Prep’D Depenability eLesson covers the importance of being a dependable employee and will provide you with tools and strategies to show employers you are dependable before being hired and once you are on the job.

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    Get Prep’D-Remaining Focused on the Job


    Are you prepped for success in you job and new employment opportunity? The Get Prep’D Remaining Focused on the Job eLesson demonstrates the importance of staying focused on your work and gives you some tools to be more effective in your work production.

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    Get Prep’D-Effective Problem Solving


    Are you prepped for success in your job search and new employment opportunity? The Get Prep’D Effective Problem Solving eLesson covers strategies for effectively dealing with problems in the workplace by identifying the problems, considering possible solutions, evaluates the pros and cons for solutions, selecting the best solutions for the problem and taking responsibility for your choice.

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    Get Prep’D-Communications Skills


    Are you prepped for success in your job search and new employment opportunity? The Get Prep’D Communications eLesson examines how effective communication will help you secure and maintain employment through utilizing strong verbal and written communication skills during the application process and in an interview, exhibiting professional nonverbal communication skills, and being able to effectively communicate your technical and soft skills.

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    Get Prep’D-Taking Initiative


    Are you prepped for success in your job search and new employment opportunity? The Get Prep’D Taking Initiative eLesson defines what taking initiative means in the workplace, covers how to turn mistakes into lessons learned, looks at ways to find professional and personal motivation for taking initiative, outlines why asking questions and embracing feedback is imperative to success and discusses why taking advantage of opportunities is important for career growth.

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    Get Prep’D® Work Readiness Series


    Get Prep’D® Work Readiness training for Career Seekers provides courses in Dependability, Effective Problem Solving, Taking Initiative, Communication, and Remaining Focused on the Job. Skills that every career seeker needs and employers value.


    Get Prep’D® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Workforce Solutions, LLC.

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    5 Minute Countdown – Job Seeker


    Entry Level Job Seekers will touch on the critical skills needed prior to attending job related activities, such as: A traditional interview, a digital or webcam interview, a job fair or an important introduction. Modules also allow users to explore different components required for a “professional make-over” which include attend a networking event, handing over a portfolio or discussing career goals with people you don’t know.

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    5 Minute Countdown – Work Readiness


    Discover important
    skills that employers value from their employees.  Being competently
    qualified will get you in the door.  Being capably experienced in
    personal attributes to interact effectively with other people will help you
    keep a job. Brush up on your work readiness skills so you can show your
    employer what an asset you are to the organization!

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