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Dynamic Possibilities – Re-Entry is a suite of eLearning courseware designed to assist career seekers who are Ex-Offenders to navigate through the world of work.  The program consists of 9 interactive elesson topics that are designed specifically with this user in mind.

Course Titles:

Disclosure Rights: Discussing how and when to disclose your history to an employer. Offering multiple options and strategies on appropriate disclosure to your future employers.

Re-Entry Resources: Review of available resources dedicated to supporting job search for customers with a background. Including Bonds for Jobs, Help for Felons, Re-Entering Your Community and others.

Building a Reputation for a Recommendation: Support in understanding the fundamentals of how your reputation can impact your ability to get a job. Learn the skills to change your reputation and behavioral skills to improve your reputation.

Basic Computer Knowledge: Learning the basic parts of computers, such as the keyboard and the mouse and the introduction to how to utilize a computer with applications, how to save work, how to shut down and others skills needed to successfully start using computers for job search.

Basic Computer Knowledge 2: Building on the information learned in the Basic Computer Knowledge course, this course looks at how to appropriately us the internet, browsers and email etiquette.

Employment Fit: Finding a job can be challenging and often leads to missing the importance of finding a job that is a good fit for you. Finding a job that fits for you increases your changes of being satisfied at work and building a career. This course examines what a good fit is and how to match your skill sets and strengths with the right job.

Being your Best Advocate : How to transition from incarceration, where your lifestyle is decided for you, to being releases and making decisions that will help get a job and keep it as you adjust to your new lifestyle.  Learning about how you self-identify, how you put your best foot forward to achieve success.

Job Search Strategies: Understanding the obstacles you may face as a person with a background and how to use your background to your advantage by presenting yourself as employable.

Re-Entry Support System: Understanding the importance of a support system with people that are willing to help you succeed

To enhance the learning experience, Dynamic Works provides Activity Guides for each course. These guides allow an instructor/facilitator to expand on the lesson through a blended learning approach.  A manual of guides is provided with instructions for implementation.  Student/customer worksheets are also provided.