Dynamic Possibilities – Veterans


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Dynamic Possibilities – Veterans is a suite of eLearning courseware designed to assist career seekers who are Veterans to navigate through the world of non-military work.  The program consists of 9 interactive elesson topics that are designed specifically with this user in mind.

Course Titles:

Acceptance: Transitioning into the civilian workforce after serving in the military can be challenging for a multitutde of reasons. One thing that many service members report when discussing challenges is a noticeable difference in the work ethic of thos they work with. Learn how to foster acceptance among your new civilian team.

Financial Literacy Part 1: An interactive game the looks at budgets and the transition from military pay, that often includes allowances for food, housing, and separation to civilian pay that does not.

Financial Literacy Part 2: A deeper dive into budgeting as a way to save money and prevent overspending. It can be almost impossible to crate long term savings goals, like saving up for a house or for retirement without budgeting practices. This module will walk through some tips for success.

Goal Setting: During your military career, you were most likely exposed to objective and mission planning. Setting personal goals is very similar to setting mission objectives but may not be a skill that was very specifically taught to you. Goals take work and planning, this module will help you get started on your personal goals.

Hidden Rules: Just like every squad or platoon might have different “rules” that members are a ware of and every captain, lieutenant or colonel leads slightly differently, the civilian workforce is much the same. Lear more about some of the hidden rules you will encounter in the civilian workplace.

How Veterans Find a Mentor: Discover the many benefits to having a mentor as you become fully immersed in the civilian world. You have resources available to you through your local VA resource center in person or online that will match you with a mentor. Being able to talk with someone who has a similar background and has gone through the same transition can be incredibly beneficial.

Problem Solving: Improving problem solving skills has been shown to build resilience and improve adjustments in Veterans. This course will focus on the S.S.T.A. Problem Solving Method.

Self-Disclosure: Disclosing your military service and/or any effects your service may have on your job performance to an employer or potential employer can be nerve racking. Listen to three service members talk about their individual experiences with disclosure to employers and co-workers

Workforce Programs: The Department of Labor has a variety of programs available to you that will assist with training, career development and many other employment related topics. Learn more about some of the workforce programs and services ready to support you

To enhance the learning experience, Dynamic Works provides Activity Guides for each course. These guides allow a instructor/facilitator to expand on the lesson through a blended learning approach.  A manual of guides is provided with instructions for implementation.  Student/customer worksheets are also provided.